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Verkhnyaya Sysert
Бонусная программа

Bonus program

It is easy to save with the bonus program!

Collect the bonuses.

1 point
1 rouble

Exchange in restaurants and hotels.

Bonus program

How it works?

  • Join the bonus program

Get bonuses for:

  • Hotel stay in USTA Hotels
  • Meals at USTA Hotels
  • Services of city restaurants USTA Group

Save up to 50% by paying for purchases with bonus points 1 point = 1 ruble:

  • Hotel stay in USTA Hotels
  • Additional services at USTA Hotels
  • Restaurants and lobby bars at hotels
  • Banquet facilities of the USTA Hotels chain
  • Services of city restaurants USTA Group

Privileges for USTA Bonus members

  • Blue card

    Program Member

    • 4% savings in hotels, 5% in restaurants
    • Points in city restaurants
    • Access to Closed Sales
    • Pillow to choose
  • Silver card

    Level Silver

    from  30 000 rub.

    • 5% savings in hotels, 7% in restaurants
    • Welcome gift
    • Exclusive offer from USTA Group
    • Discounts in partner companies
  • Gold card

    Level Gold

    from  55 000 rub.

    • 6% savings in hotels, 10% in restaurants
    • Laundry service
    • Single occupancy rate for 2 guests
    • Free late check out
  • Platinum card

    Level Platinum

    from  95 000 rub.

    • 7% savings in hotels, 15% in restaurants
    • Free early check in and late check out
    • Free room upgrade
    • Unlimited Points

1 point = 1  rouble
* Privileges are granted when the Partner is actually able to provide them to the Member.
* The list of partner companies is under development.

Remember to indicate when booking that you are a USTA Bonus member.
This way we can better prepare for your arrival!

Program Terms and Conditions